Thursday, January 22, 2009

Remember me?

I'm still around. I swear. I just haven't been cooking lately beyond heating up stewed tomatoes and putting it over ravioli. I do have this link for you.

101 Cookbooks

I've linked you specifically to the vegetarian section. I haven't looked over all the recipes that much, but it looks like they aren't too dairy heavy. I like that. One challenge I have when trying to eat veggie is to not try to eat a diet of all bread and cheese. As well, I am freakishly lactose intolerant. I find Lactaid doesn't always work for me, so the less dairy, the happier everyone is. Trust me on this. I also don't want to be vegan. (Nor do I want to be converted to vegan, thank you.)

Is anyone familiar with this site? Has anyone made any of these recipes? I'd love to hear what you think.


slanted.enchanted said...

I was a veg for like 3 years....when I say veg I mean that I ate cheese hoagies daily. It works wonders for your figure.....if your goal is to have a big far a**
I'm not familiar with that site, thanks for sharing: )

Zelmarific said...

I haven't heard of the web site, but I know what you mean about being vegetarian and not wanting to eat tons of bread and cheese (although bread and cheese are good, for sure). I drink soy milk at home (they sell it, even in Wisconsin) and eat cheese. The thing my husband does a lot is, when I cook vegan, he adds some cheese on top.

I like to use vegan cookbooks, so that you don't have too much dairy, and then add dairy or eggs if I want. My favorite books are, "Simply Vegan," (for when you're not feeling too ambitious) and "Vegan with a Vengeance" (for when you're feeling really creative).

I've been a vegetarian more years of my life than I've been a meat eater, I think. Although, I do cheat a few times a year. I figure, if someone is going to cook for me at their house, I'm going to eat what they have taken the time to prepare for me, you know?

Meg said...

They sell soy milk in Wisconsin? Wow!

Part of my problem is that I'll eat something out of convenience. Like pizza. It's hard to keep a fridge stocked full of fresh veggies since I'm the only one at home. I'm realizing that vegetarian cooking requires a lot of cooking if you don't want to eat packaged, processed stuff all the time. That's okay, but when I don't get home from work until 6:30 or so, it's hard to cook dinner then have to wash all those dishes (no dishwasher).

My other problem is that I am freakishly lactose intolerant. I can handle some cheese, the more aged the better. But I don't want to be vegan. I don't think I could be healthy as a vegan. I'm also okay with my eggs, dairy and honey being humanely raised. So, a steady diet of cheese hoagies or pizza isn't good. I also don't want to eat salads all the time either. At some point I just get tired of chewing.

I tend to eat a lot of ethnic food, particularly Asian. I eat a lot of Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and Indian foods. I'm okay with this. I like that stuff a lot. I eat some seafood too if I feel like I really need good protein, particularly shellfish. I'm not willing to eat the whole animal, guts, etc, which is why I want to be vegetarian. But I'm also not sure I'm comfortable eating so much soy either.

Buddhist monks are mostly vegetarian. They feel they should be greatful for the meals given to them, and in these cases they eat meat. I like that philosophy.