Friday, February 27, 2009

The Octofecta, or a whole lotta octopus.

For my new pal, PeeWee, Meg In The Kitchen presents...

Eight of the best octopus recipes available on the Interweb!

Why?, says you.

Why not!, says I.

1. Ceviche Tostada, or a veritable taste bud orgy!

2. BBQ Garlic Octopus, because you know how I love BBQ!

3. Octopus Tidbits I have a new kitten now. He gets a miniature can of Fancy Feast every night. The cans have names like "White Meat Chicken and Whipped Egg Souffle with Garden Greens" and "Wild Salmon in a delicate broth with Garden Greens." I wonder if he'd eat "Octopus Tidbits with Garden Greens"?

4. Char Grilled Baby Octopus I wish I had seen this last night when I went to Char Grill for dinner. I would have suggested it to Phil as a new menu item.

5. Greek Grilled Baby Octopus Salad, because nothin' says home cookin' like a bowl of grilled baby animals! Ooooh weeeee!

6. Jessicak61's Octopus Salad, a simple summer salad, or the reason Fall is my favorite season.

7. Octopus Grilled Very Tender Grill this to bring it to another level of goodness. Could that be an eighth level of goodness, Rita?

8. Croatian Dalmatian Black Risotto You will be relieved to know this recipe calls for octopus, not actual Dalmatians. Repeat: not actual Dalmatians.

I guess this is more of an octo-octofecta, right?

Now the more astute reader will remember my recent announcement of acceptance into culinary school and may, perhaps, look down their nose at my mocking of octopus recipes. After all, aren't chefs supposed to eat anything that doesn't eat them first? "BAH!" I say. That's why I'm going to be a pastry chef! Personally, I find octopus, squid and cuttlefish revolting, especially things with their ink in them. I feel that, as a human, I am high enough up on the food chain that there are certain things I don't have to eat. However, if anyone is "adventurous" enough to try these recipes DO report back!


peewee said...

HAHAHAHA! I just love you! octo octo fecta! you should win a prize. Now, if you do TWO more octopus posts you will have done the tri-octo-octo-fecta!!

Meg said...

My work here is done.

Kathy B! said...

Found it! Sorry my blog offended : )

CailinMarie said...

my adventurousness extends only to crispy fried rings with marinara sauce. I swear it is white flour based french fry mix in there and they just tell you it is an octopus...