Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Baking I Lab, biscuits, coffee cake, and muffins.

Last week in Baking I, we had three assignments. Our current lesson was on Quick Breads, so we made biscuits, muffins and a sour cream coffee cake.

My biscuits rose higher than anyone else's. Mine were a little saltier too. My instructor gave me high praise saying mine were better than her's.

Blueberry muffins, where the frozen blueberries sank in spite of having been dusted with flour. Still tasty anyway.

Sour cream coffee cake. My streusel topping wasn't very good. Okay, it kind of sucks. My butter was way too soft. Lesson learned.


S said...

Oh, yum! Question. What happens to all that food? Do you get to take it home?

Cellar Door said...

I always thaw the blueberries in the microwave, and then the muffins have blueberries throughout, but they also are blue. Small price.

peewee said...

I think every comment I have on your blog is "YUMMM"

ladyfi said...

Delicious! Yes - please.. I'll have another.