Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Check-in

Hi folks. Things are crazy busy here at Chez Meg In The Kitchen. Classes started this past week. I have two pot luck cookouts this weekend. The cookout today is a fundraising effort for a local group started by some friends. They approached me about doing something special for the cookout. Of course I said yes! I'm bringing 4 batches of ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet plus waffle cones! I can't wait to show and tell you all about that one!

I had originally planned on four classes this semester. The first day of classes someone dropped their place in the Petit Fours class. I had wanted it, but thanks to Web Advisor I didn't get it. My advisor and the department head were kind enough to save that place for me. Now I have five classes this semester. If I don't lose my mind before Fall Break it'll be a miracle. However it also means that I can definitely finish this program in two years. Two years! I remember when I started I thought two years was going to drag on. Ha! It's flown by!

I'm really looking forward to this semester. I posted my schedule to the right. I'll post more about each class later this week. I'm really excited about these classes. I feel like I will not only be challenged, but get more time with certain products. We started my Dessert and Bread Production class with a laminated dough. Huzzah! I definitely wanted more time with that.

I'm off to cookout number two! I'm still weeding through the France trip photos. Happy Sunday!


Grant-Grey Guda said...

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Hoping you have a wonderful week filled with inspiration and laughter,

FoxyMoron said...

I'm so glad you're still really enjoying the courses Meg.
Can't wait to hear about the ice creams and sorbets.

CailinMarie said...

I am jealous home made ice cream & frozen yogurt & sorbet and waffles cones!! ooh la la!
I am sure the Petit Fours class will be worth it!

f. pea said...

The ice cream & sorbet were delicious! I could eat the goat cheese ice cream by the gallon. YUM. So great to see you on Sunday.

peewee said...

OH how I did schooling wrong! I so wish that had been my list of classes!!!! SOOOOO WISH!

peewee said...

HEY!! How is everything?? Are u done with school? Still immersed in phyllo dough? Just curious :) I still dream of your jam :)

interestingplace said...

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FoxyMoron said...

Where are you Meg? I miss you!