Tuesday, April 7, 2009

iPhone apps for the foodie

Seafood Watch Guide (Free) Now it's even easier to make sustainable and healthy choices in the market, at the restaurant, or at the sushi bar. If you don't have an iPhone, go here for the online guide.

What's Fresh ($0.99) This app will be great for hitting the farmer's markets this summer. The "local area" is user defined. I entered North Carolina and 200 miles, giving me Virginia and South Carolina as well. A list shows me what fruits and veggies are in season and a calendar shows me a comprehensive list of all fruits and veggies. The calendar even shows me what hothouse produce is in season. Now it's even easier to be a locavore!

Urbanspoon (Free) Can't decide where to go for dinner? Open this app, give the phone a shake and the slot machine will give you recommendations based on your current location. If you need to set a parameter like price or type of food, you can do that too. It makes being indecisive fun!


Emily said...

I love the free apps! I have urbanspoon, I need to check out the seafood one too.

Daisigirl said...

These look like great apps! Thanks for stopping by my blog!