Friday, April 24, 2009

Restaurants that Matter, No. 7 Manresa

One of my brothers biggest concerns when starting his job at Manresa was finding just the right tweezers. Not your usual kitchen tool, or even expected for that matter. One look at these photos and you'll see why it's necessary. Here is a blog post by the photographer of Saveur Magazine's Twelve Restaurants That Matter. The photographs are beautiful, the food is spectacular. It's neat to get to hear what the photographer has to say about the photo shoot and the Chef.

If you look at the first photograph with people in it, the man on the right is Chef David Kinch. The dude on the right is Lil Brotha. He's almost famous, in an anonymous sort of way. I really need to find this issue.

Congratulations to Manresa and thank you for your contributions and inspiration.

Inspiration Manresa


Debbie said...

Wow. That is impressive. I always wondered how they arranged food that artistically. Now I know!

Meg said...

Yup. Even Alton Brown was a little speechless about the tweezers when they were on Iron Chef. And you need something more like a lab tweezer rather than an eyebrow plucking tweezer.

peewee said...

just think that you'll be doing that soon!