Thursday, April 9, 2009

It should almost be criminal!

Eight Worst Sandwiches In America They include an alternative to each sandwich that is much healthier.

Unhealthiest Drinks In America Click on each link in the red box to see some surprising results. Take note of the portion size too!

Twelve Worst Breakfast Foods In the Supermarket Yikes! Again, alternatives are included. I'm almost better off eating an Egg McMuffin everyday!

Worst Vegetarian Meals In America These companies really ought to be ashamed of themselves.


peewee said...

I KNEW I shouldn't have clicked on the worst drinks! I JUST KNEW IT! For me, the nutrition info at starbucks is best left clouded in mystery!

But that post was shocking and riveting! Of course every "worst" item is always my favorite! Hey...At least it didn't say ANYTHING about chicken fried steak and biscuits with that means they're healthy right?!?!?

Linda said...

Ugh, I read that vegetarian one. You really gotta read all fine print!

Meg said...

Each one is worse than the next! From here on out, I'm on the all water and lettuce diet.