Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hordeum vulgare is a superfood!

I've been all about barley lately. As in, I can't get enough. I had no time this morning to make lunch this morning, so I threw the left over barley, frozen peas, and frozen spinach into a container and hit it with a little homemade Italian herb dressing. I expected this to provide nothing more than enough calories to sustain me until I got home. Wrong. It was tasty. And it prompted me to do a search on line for barley. I found this page on the Whole Foods website. As it turns out, it's packed full of goodness, like copper and selenium, helps regulate blood sugar very well, has tons of fiber, and can lower cholesterol better than oats. Yay barley!


CailinMarie said...

homemade dressing
can you come visit
I need to learn to cook like you and to knit and...

Meg said...

Yes, homemade dressing. You can do this. But I would still love to visit and cook and knit and play with the kids. I'm still not so sure about the whole lizard thing though.