Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Giveaway at Canning Across America

Recently I posted about process of making jam. Using similar techniques, it's possible to make pickles, preserve fruit and more using up that bounty from the garden or farmer's market. The process of canning preserved fruit or pickles isn't that different from canning your jam. If you can do one, you can do another.

I came across a new website yesterday thanks to Chez Pim, who I follow on Twitter. It's Canning Across America, designed, in their words, to serve as a community and information clearinghouse. Personally, I'm excited. I highly recommend you take a look at their Who We Are page, it's a fascinating list of people. Poke around on the website and you'll see a great book list, recipes, events, classes, and more.

Canning Across America is hosting a giveaway right now with a deadline of August 12. On a first come first serve basis, you get a copy of Ball Blue Book Guide To Preserving and coupons for canning supplies. This is the definitive guide to home preserving and canning, people. If you have any interest in trying this, drop by Canning Across America to take advantage of their generous offer. The instructions are on the giveaway post.

C'mon. You know you want to join the Canvolution.

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